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A Spirited Environment at The Thaddeus Clapp House

Exterior of the Thaddeus Clapp House. Photo by Jacey Russell.

The newly renovated Thaddeus Clapp House is a shining example of Pittsfield’s Gilded Age houses. Walking in, one is instantly drawn back to a bye-gone era, though it’s unclear whether this sensation is caused by the restored architectural elements or the ghosts reputed to walk the halls. Over the years, dozens of ghostly encounters have been reported at the Thaddeus Clapp House. 

Foyer of the Thaddeus Clapp House. Photo by Jacey Russell.

The Thaddeus Clapp House was a private residence until the 1930s when it was converted into an apartment building. It has been continually occupied as either apartments or a bed and breakfast since then, with brief breaks for upgrades and renovations along the way. Throughout the years, guests of the bed and breakfast reported seeing the figure of a woman, whom many assume to be Mrs. Clapp, drifting throughout the house. 

The image showcases the living space of the suite style Room 5 of Thaddeus Clapp House. Two chairs are framed in front with entrances to the kitchen and bathroom flanking the desk on the opposite wall.

Room 5 at the Thaddeus Clapp House. Photo by Jacey Russell.

Feelings of warmth and protectiveness were frequently reported by those who glimpsed the Gilded Age ghost. In fact, all of the encounters encompassed warm or positive feelings. According to an article in Boston Magazine, the holidays bring about a change in the house with rooms seemingly glowing with the spirit of the season. One report from a guest who stayed there near Christmas stated that they witnessed ghostly staff and family preparing for the holiday. 

This photo showcases the high windows and natural light in the newly renovated parlor.

Parlor at the Thaddeus Clapp House. Photo by Jacey Russell.

The effervescent atmosphere of The Thaddeus Clapp House is undeniable. Now open, the Thaddeus Clapp House is available to rent for both events and accommodations. The Clapp House offers room rentals for a weekend at a time or monthly, and there are spaces for small to mid-sized events. Rates for the events and rooms vary as each experience is customized and tailored to fit individual needs. Please contact Kim Krautter at (413) 343-0660 for details on rates and availability. For those looking to truly embrace the history of Pittsfield, the Thaddeus Clapp House is the perfect place to have a spirited evening!

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