The Very Hungry Caterpillar & Other Eric Carle Favourites by Mermaid Theatre of Nova Scotia at The Colonial Theatre.

Age Appropriateness

The Performing Arts for Schools series is intended for school-aged children and programs are chosen to complement the curriculum in each grade level. Performances are not appropriate for children under the age of five.

Time and Length

Performance times range from 9:30AM to 10:00AM, and are approximately one hour in length, unless otherwise indicated. Groups should plan to arrive between 30 and 15 minutes before each performance, as performances will begin promptly at the scheduled time.

Location and Bussing

All performances are held at The Colonial Theatre, 111 South Street, Pittsfield, MA 01201. Busses should drop off and pick up groups in the parking lot adjacent to the theater and not on South Street. This will ensure safety and will not block Northbound traffic on South Street.


All seats are assigned according to the date of the reservation, and the age of the students, with any necessary accommodation for special needs. Younger students will receive priority seating to ensure safety. Actual tickets are not issued. The House Manager will greet your group and assign an usher to lead you to your assigned seats. The Colonial is equipped with accessible seating, but notice of special seating needs MUST be given in advance. We will make every effort to give your students comfortable and appropriate seating, but we cannot guarantee this unless you discuss your needs with us in advance. We will notify your group, if they are seated in the gallery, which is the third floor balcony.

Weather Cancelations

During winter months there is a possibility that a show may have to be cancelled or postponed due to weather.

Curriculum Connections

Performing Arts for Schools programs are ideally suited to reinforce classroom curriculum while expanding students’ understanding of the performing arts. While all shows are connected to the Arts Framework, they have many connections to other subject frameworks. Check the guide for the key to curriculum connections, and then look for the symbols at the end of each program’s description.

The Curriculum Connections are provided by the producing companies.

  • CLA Communication & Language Arts
  • D Dance
  • Geography
  • I Imagination
  • LB Literature Based
  • H History
  • Music
  • MC Multi-Cultural
  • MO Movement
  • ML Moral lessons
  • PA Performing Arts
  • RF Relationships & Family
  • Science
  • Theater
  • VA Visual Arts
  • WL Whole Language & Arts
  • VB Values-Based

Theater Etiquette

Please review with your students before your trip.

Be prepared and arrive early – Ideally you should arrive at the theater 30 minutes before the show. Allow for travel time and parking, and plan to be in your seats at least 10 minutes before the performance begins.

Be aware and remain quiet – The theatre is a “live” space—you can hear the performers easily, but they can also hear you, and you can hear other audience members, too! Even the smallest sounds, like rustling papers and whispering, can be heard throughout the theater, so it’s best to stay quiet so that everyone can enjoy the performance without distractions. The international sign for “Quiet Please” is to silently raise your index finger to your lips.

Show appreciation by applauding – Applause is the best way to show your enthusiasm and appreciation. Performers return their appreciation for your attention by bowing to the audience at the end of the show. It is always appropriate to applaud at the end of a performance, and it is customary to continue clapping until the curtain comes down or the house lights come up.

Participate by responding to the action onstage – Sometimes during a performance, you may respond by laughing, crying or sighing. By all means, feel free to do so! Appreciation can be shown in many different ways, depending upon the art form. For instance, an audience attending a string quartet performance will sit very quietly, while the audience at a gospel concert may be inspired to participate by clapping and singing.

Concentrate to help the performers – Performers use concentration to focus their energy while on stage. If the audience is focused while watching the performance, the artists feel supported and are able to do their best work. They can feel that you are with them!

Be courteous – Going to a performance can be a great treat for many students. When you talk, fidget or throw things, this disrupts other audience members. This is also distracting to the performers. Always remain seated during the performance. Try to make it a point to use the restrooms before entering the theater. Safety first—no running in the theater!

Be aware of your surroundings – Hundreds of people worked for years to restore this beautiful building. Enjoy the theater, but be conscious of your actions. Please do not play with the chairs, or the brass plates on the seats. Do notice the names on the brass plates. The names indicate a valued donor who helped build our theatre. Treat the theater like you would your own house. Be respectful.

Thank you, and enjoy your visit!

For more information, please contact:

Allison Rachele Bayles
Director of Education
(413) 448-8084 x19

Plan Your Visit

Read our suggestions on where to dine, and where to hang your hat.

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