Awards & Recognition

The cast of Godspell, 2020. Photo by Emma K. Rothenberg-Ware.

Awards and Accolades 2022

BroadwayWorld Berkshire Awards

Best Direction of a Play: Kimille Howard – B.R.O.K.E.N CODE B.I.R.D SWITCHING

Best New Play or Musical: B.R.O.K.E.N CODE B.I.R.D SWITCHING

Best Performer in a Play: DeAnna Supplee – B.R.O.K.E.N CODE B.I.R.D SWITCHING

Best Theatre For Young Audiences Production: FOOTLOOSE

Berkshire Critics’ Associations Awards

Outstanding Solo Performance: Corinna May in Shirley Valentine – Berkshire Theatre Group
Other Nominations: Outstanding Direction Of A Musical: Once, Outstanding Sound Design For A Play or Musical: Nathan Leigh for Once, Outstanding Lead Actress in a Play: Jennifer Van Dyck as Van Helsing in Dracula, Outstanding Production Of A Musical: Once, Book by Enda Walsh, music and lyrics by Glen Hansard and Markêta Irglová, based on the film written and directed by John Carney Directed by Gregg Edelman.

Berkshire Eagle

Voted Best Live Theatre

Awards and Accolades 2021

For the second year in a row, The Actors Fund has presented Berkshire Theatre Group’s Artistic Director, CEO Kate Maguire with an Encore Award for “demonstrating exemplary compassion and dedication to everyone in the entertainment community who brings the performing arts to our stages and screens.”

Maguire was also honored with the  “Larry Murray Award for Community Service,” for her work in bringing live theatre back to the American stages from the Berkshire Theatre Critics Association.

Berkshire Theatre Group was awarded two BroadwayWorld Awards and four Berkshire Critics’ Associations Awards (Berkies). 

BroadwayWorld Berkshires Awards

Best Performer in a Musical: Felicia Curry –Nina Simone: Four Women
Most Anticipated Upcoming Production of a Musical: Irving Berlin’s White Christmas the Musical

Berkshire Critics’ Associations Awards

Outstanding Supporting  Actress in a Musical: Darlesia Cearcy –Nina Simone: Four Women
Outstanding Lead Actress in a Musical: Felicia Curry –Nina Simone: Four Women
Outstanding Costume Design for a Play or Musical: Hunter Kaczorowski –The Importance of Being Earnest
Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Play: Sasha Hutchings –Nina Simone: Four Women

Awards and Accolades 2020

In December of 2020, The Actors Fund presented Berkshire Theatre Group’s Artistic Director and CEO Kate Maguire with the 2020 Encore Award for “demonstrating exemplary compassion and dedication to everyone in the entertainment community who brings the performing arts to our stages and screens.”

The 2020 BroadwayWorld Berkshires Awards were back and bigger than ever and celebrated the best in local theatre of the past decade. Berkshire Theatre Group won 7 BroadwayWorld Awards.

BroadwayWorld Berkshires Awards

Best Ensemble: GODSPELL – Berkshire Theatre Group – 2020

Director of a Musical of the Decade: Alan Filderman – GODSPELL – Berkshire Theatre Group – 2020

Lighting Design of the Decade: Matthew E. Adelson – GODSPELL – Berkshire Theatre Group – 2020

Original Script Of The Decade: Greg Keller – DUTCH MASTERS – Berkshire Theatre Group – 2011

Production Of A Musical Of The Decade: GODSPELL – Berkshire Theatre Group – 2020

Set Design Of The Decade: Randall Parsons – GODSPELL – Berkshire Theatre Group – 2020

Sound Design of the Decade: Nathan Leigh – GODSPELL – Berkshire Theatre Group – 2020

Awards and Accolades 2019

American Theatre: Theatre on The Aisle Theatre Pick

–  “The Skin of Our Teeth”: Terry Teachout’s (The Wall Street Journal) theatre pick

The Berkshire Eagle, Top 10 Productions of 2019

– “The Goat or, Who is Sylvia?–With director Eric Hill at the helm and David Adkins and an incandescent Jennifer Van Dyke in the leads, Edward Albee’s edgy, devilishly witty play about a marriage — indeed, a family — that comes undone in, to say the least, profoundly unanticipated ways. Stylish, savvy work.”
– “Working: A Musical–The American worker sang, and spoke, with simple grace, eloquence and wit in this lovely, insightful treatment of a musical, based on Studs Terkel’s landmark book, that is all-too-rarely produced.”
– “The Skin of Our Teeth–Credit director David Auburn with finding a way through Thornton Wilder’s ambitious, often unwieldy, epic and finding the treasures that have made this play so enduring, if, also, rarely performed. In the hands of Auburn and an expert cast, less was ever so much more.”

The Berkshire Eagle, Most Outstanding Work by Actors, Directors, Designers in 2019

– “Most Outstanding Actress: The one performance that holds in my memory as the year’s most outstanding is Jennifer Van Dyck’s as Stevie, an urbane upper middle class woman whose marriage — life — comes crashing down around her when her husband announces he has fallen in love with — indeed consummated that love — with a goat in “Edward Albee’s The Goat, or, Who is Sylvia?” at Berkshire Theatre Group’s Unicorn Theatre. Over the years, Van Dyck has been for me an actress whose gifts hide in plain sight. Her work — smooth, thorough, thoughtful, complete — is the mark of a consummate artist. Here, she let it all out, especially in a shattering fight scene with her husband, played by David Adkins with a skill that matched Van Dyck beat for beat (is there a “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” in their future?). Measured, deeply and richly nuanced, this was a performance to be savored.”

Honorable Mentions
– David Adkins (Actor): Once again, this gifted actor delivered a fully shaped performance, this time as a hugely successful architect who falls in love with a goat, sending everyone around him, especially his wife, into a tailspin that will leave nothing the same when it ends. Adkins particularly caught a childlike ingenuousness of a man who cannot fully comprehend what has happened to him, let alone why his new relationship is not taken well, to say the least, with those around him. Super!”
Eric Hill, Director, The Goat or, Who is Sylvia?

Just For Good Measure
– For Ensemble Work: “Working” and “The Skin of Our Teeth”
– Designers: Bill Clarke (The Skin of Our Teeth) and Scott Killian (Outside Mullingar)

Special Mentions
– Scott Killian for his incidental music for “Outside Mullingar,” and Nicholas Hussong for his extraordinary projections for “Working.”

Berkshire Theatre Critics Awards

Outstanding Lead Actor in A Play: David Adkins (The Goat or, Who is Sylvia?)

BroadwayWorld Berkshires Awards

Best New Musical
Rock and Roll Man: The Alan Freed Story

Best Featured Actress Musical
Jaygee Macapugay, Working: A Musical

Best Director of a Musical
James Barry, Working: A Musical

Best Choreography
Ashley DeLane Burger, Working: A Musical

Awards and Accolades 2018

The Best Theater of 2018: World-Class Talent
On and Off the Great White Way

“The Petrified Forest,” Robert Sherwood’s 1935 stage thriller, isn’t exactly new, but David Auburn’s no-nonsense revival for Massachusetts’ Berkshire Theatre Group proved it to be excitingly immediate.”

The Berkshire Eagle, Top 10 Productions of 2018

-“The Petrified Forest – Berkshire Theatre Group CEO and artistic director Kate Maguire has faith in the ability of American classical drama to tell stories that reach beyond their period and resonate in tye contemporary world. Robert E. Sherwood’s “The Petrified Forest” is among those. Indeed, this 1935 drama seemed to have special meaning today, especially given a production as pristine and lyrical as this. The show was a big risk — large cast; 83-years-old; known more for the film version with Humphrey Bogart, Lesley Howard and Bette Davis. Director David Auburn made some trims and tweaks to the script and assembled a hugely accomplished acting ensemble and design team that caught the emotional texture of the times and Sherwood’s characters. Haunting and memorable.”

Honorable Mentions:
Church & State
The Actor’s Nightmare and Sister Mary Ignatius Explains It All For You

Special Mention:
-“Tarzan – For reasons that make complete sense, BTG’s annual summer community musical has been off-limits to reviews. But this production — which I saw as a civilian, sans pen and notepad — offered a keen insight into what makes this BTG program work. The material itself, with an original score by Phil Collins, is, at best, shaky but the production was first-rate from the acting and singing to the staging, choreography, orchestral accompaniment, and production elements. Nothing was spared. The largely inexperienced members of this large cast were treated with professionalism, integrity and respect and that attitude paid off handsomely. “Tarzan” was a joy-filled evening of theater, especially for the little boy sitting in his mother’s lap in the row in front of me, a seat or two over.”

The Berkshire Eagle, Outstanding Stage Storytellers of 2018

Noteworthy Performances:
– Graham Rowat, Church & State
– Andrew Cekala, Hair
– Judy Jerome, Church & State
– Jennifer Van Dyke, The Petrified Forest

Honorable Mentions:
– “David Adkins brought elegance, grace and poignancy to the conflicted philosophical Alan Squier in Berkshire Theatre Group’s production of “The Petrified Forest”
– “A luminous Rebecca Brooksher as an at-once knowing and ingenuous Gabby Maple in BTG’s “The Petrified Forest”
– “An absolutely inspired Harriet Harris as Sister Mary Ignatius in Christopher Durang’s “Sister Mary Ignatius Explains It All for You” at BTG’s Unicorn Theatre.”

– David Auburn, Direction, The Petrified Forest,
– Matthew Penn, Direction, Sister Mary Ignatius Explains It All For You and The Actor’s Nightmare
– Lisa Shriver, Choreography, Hair
– Eric Svejcar, Music Direction, Hair
– Daniel J. Kotlowitz, Lighting Design, The Petrified Forest
– Wilson Chin, Scenic Design, The Petrified Forest
– Hunter Kaczorowski, Costume Design, The Petrified Forest

2018 Berkshire Theatre Critics Awards

Outstanding New Musical:
Coming Back Like A Song!

The Westfield News Best of 2018

Best Director of a Play
Eric Hill – Naked
–“Hill made an obscure Italian forgotten play resonate with the times, and brought out the best in an outstanding company of Berkshire Theatre Group regulars.”

Best Performances in a Play
David Adkins as Alan Squier in The Petrified Forest
–“A veteran actor at Berkshire Theatre Group, Adkins has played classic and contemporary, young and old. As a weary author, Adkins gave The Petrified Forest, a nuanced edge.”

Tara Franklin as Ersilia in Naked
–“Franklin always gives textured performances, and her portrayal of a woman at the edge gave Naked its raison d’etre.”

Berkshire Record: Best of 2018

Best Actor in a Musical, Runner-up
Andrew Cekala – Hair

Best Actress in a Musical
Latoya Edwards – Hair

Best Scenic Designer, for a Musical
Jason Simms – Hair

Best Costumes in a Play
Hunter Kaczorowski – The Petrified Forest

Best Musical Ensemble

Best Pit Band

Berkshire On Stage: Favorites of 2018

Favorite Actor in a Musical
Brandon Contreras – Hair
–“A sexy Berger indeed, Brandon Contreras led a Tribe of joyful, exuberant young actors in this gem of a musical cherished by Baby Boomers.”

Favorite Supporting Actress in a Play
Keira Naughton – Church & State
–“As Alex Klein, Keira Naughton spectacularly embodied a complex, hardworking Democrat from New York who is devoted to her politics-makes-strange-bedfellows job as campaign manager of a Republican North Carolinian candidate for the Senate.”

Favorite Scenic Design
Wilson Chin – The Petrified Forest
–“The fittingly dingy set designed by Wilson Chin allows Auburn to create stage pictures that subtly suggest the ebb and flow of the various confrontations.  The set is also peppered by props that unmistakably denote the time period.”

Awards and Accolades 2017

Best of Massachusetts | 2017 Editors’ Choice Awards:
BEST SUMMER STOCK, Yankee Magazine

“In an area celebrated for top-notch regional theater, what sets this organization apart? Again and again, fans tout the highly personal experience that its stages offer. In Stockbridge, the Fitzpatrick Main Stage is an iconic 1928 venue that brings in classical productions and world premieres every summer, while the smaller Unicorn Theatre presents experimental and avant-garde work. In Pittsfield, the Colonial Theatre is the go-to for summer musicals.”

2017 Berkshire Theatre Awards:

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Play:
Joey Collins – At Home At the Zoo

Outstanding Direction of a Musical:
James Barry – Million Dollar Quartet

Outstanding Direction of a Play:
Eric Hill – At Home At the Zoo

Outstanding Sound Design of a Play or Musical:
Scott Killian – Lost Lake

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Play:
Lynnette R. Freeman – Lost Lake

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Play:
David Adkins – At Home At the Zoo

Outstanding Production of a Play:
Lost Lake

Berkshire Family Focus

Favorite Place to See a Family-Friendly Theater Production: The Colonial Theatre

The Berkshire Eagle, Top 10 Productions of 2017

“At Home At the Zoo. Director Eric Hill and a truly remarkable cast — David Adkins, Tara Franklin, Joey Collins — got deeply under the skin of two Edward Albee companion pieces and challenged, provoked and unsettled audiences in ways in which you want theater to challenge, provoke and unsettle audiences.”

“Children of a Lesser God. An emotionally and intellectually engaging revival of a rarely produced play that focuses on the relationship between a male teacher in a school for the deaf and a fiercely proud, outspoken, passionate female student — a housekeeper at the school — who challenges every notion the teacher has ever had about himself, about love, about his relationship not only with her but to his work.”

The Berkshire Eagle, Outstanding Stage Storytellers of 2017

Noteworthy Performances:
Joshua Jackson, Children of a Lesser God
Stephen Spinella, Children of a Lesser God
Lauren Ridloff, Children of a Lesser God
Harriet Harris, Arsenic and Old Lace
Lynette R. Freeman, Lost Lake

Honorable Mentions:
–“David Adkins and Joey Collins as two temperamentally different men whose lives are unalterably bound on a Sunday in New York in Berkshire Theatre Group’s Edward Albee’s At Home at the Zoo (Zoo Story)

–“Tara Franklin as Ann in Edward Albee’s At Home at the Zoo It’s been two years since Franklin caught the air with her breathtaking performance in Harold Pinter’s The Homecoming at BTG’s Unicorn Theatre. And so, again, this summer — again under Eric Hill’s direction and again at the Unicorn — Franklin delivered yet another brilliantly executed performance that was as much about subtext and the left-unsaid as it was about the words that were spoken. Simply stunning.”

–“Eric Hill for his astonishing work on Edward Albee’s At Home at the Zoo (Zoo Story). Tight, focused, resonant, complex; at times sublimely inscrutable. Theater!”

–“Kenny Leon, Director, Children of a Lesser God”
–“James Barry, Musical Direction, Million Dollar Quartet”
–“Mike Baldassari, Lighting Children of a Lesser God”
–“Derek McLane, Scenic, Children of a Lesser God”
–“Randall Parsons, Scenic, Lost Lake”

Berkshire On Stage: Favorites of 2017

Favorite Play
–Lost Lake

“The dialogue is realistic and director Walker has created a tone and pace so that the audience feels it is eavesdropping on the lives of two people in pain. Both the intimate conversations and the pitch of Veronica’s and Hogan’s disagreements and arguments ring with honesty.”

Favorite Ensemble Performance
–Lost Lake

“Freeman and Maré give life to these two people. Their physical and facial reactions lend depth to their respective personalities and Auburn’s dialogue. …They work beautifully together and are continually in sync using their acting intuition and the craft of their art.”

Favorite Actor in a Play
–Quentin Maré in Lost Lake

Favorite Actress in a Play
–Lynnette R. Freeman in Lost Lake

Favorite Supporting Actor in a Play
–Joey Collins in At Home at the Zoo.

“The most psychotically damaged character is Jerry. Collins plays against this by not shrieking or stomping using a quiet intensity to precipitate the conflict and striking ending.”

Favorite Director Musical
–James Barry, Million Dollar Quartet

“James Barry’s direction… hints of how each of their lives will play out in the world of fame, money and, of course, eventual self-destruction that seemed to plague so many of these musicians.  Little asides and scowls allude to the seeds of discontent, ambition and insecurity…”

Favorite Lighting Design
–Mike Baldassari, Children of a Lesser God

Favorite Sound Design
–Scott Killian, Lost Lake

Awards and Accolades 2016

New York Times Critics’ Pick

Fiorello! (off-Broadway run)

The Berkshire Eagle

Best Live Theatre 2016: Berkshire Theatre Group

The Best Of 2016: The Berkshire Record

Best Place to See Comedy: The Garage

Best North County Venue: The Colonial Theatre
Best Actress in a musical: Kate Baldwin (Bells Are Ringing)
Best Supporting Actor in a musical: James Ludwig (Bells Are Ringing)

Macaroni Kid Gold Daisy Awards

Best Live Theater 2016: The Colonial Theatre

Berkshire Family Focus

Favorite Place to See a Family-Friendly Theater Production: The Colonial Theatre

Berkshire Awards

Outstanding Sound Design for Play or Musical: Scott Killian (Constellations)

The Westfield News Best of 2016

Honorable Mentions:
Chelsea Groen, who as Dora in Berkshire Theatre Group’s Fiorello, turned “I Love A Cop” into a showstopper.

Outstanding Performances in a Play:
Rebecca Brooksher sizzled as Maggie in the Berkshire Theatre Group’s Cat on a Hot TinRoof . Her Anna Christie in O’Neill’s play of the same name a few years ago was equally intense.

Rupak Ginn played Peter, the up-and-coming writer, opposite Judd Hirsch in The Stone Witch at Berkshire Theatre Group. A difficult role to play and a difficult role to be in, but he handled it admirably.

David Adkins played artist Han Van Meergeren,, who created a fake masterpiece in The Bakelite Masterpiece, a WAM and Berkshire Theatre Group co-production. Corinna May, Adkins’ real-life wife, played an investigator set to find out if Adkins’ character was telling the truth. Together, they were incendiary.

The Berkshire Eagle’s Critics Pick of 2016:

“Little Shop of Horrors”

The Berkshire Eagle’s The Critic’s choice: Best picks for actors, actresses, design

Honorable Mention

“Alan Edwards’ at-once cosmic and intimate set and lighting for “Constellations” (together with Scott Killian’s evocative original music)”

Shawn E. Boyle, “The Stone Witch”
Lilly Fossner, “The Bakelite Masterpiece”

Julia von Haubach, “The Bakelite Masterpiece”
David Murin, “Little Shop of Horrors”
Yael Pardess, “The Stone Witch”
Reid Thompson, “Little Shop of Horrors”

Special mention
“Yael Pardess and Rasdean Davonte Johnson for their work on the projections — Pardess, art content design; Johnson, design — for BTG’s “The Stone Witch.””

Honorable Mentions: Actors
Graham Rowat, “Constellations”
David Adkins, “The Bakelite Masterpiece”
Stanley Bahorek, “Little Shop of Horrors”
James Ludwig, “Little Shop of Horrors”

Best Actresses
“Kate Baldwin as Marianne in “Constellations” at BTG, a technically and emotionally challenging role shaped by invention, subtext, consummate ingenuity and revelation, and the biggest challenge facing us all — mortality”

Honorable mentions: Actress
Rebecca Brooksher, “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof”
Corinna May, “The Bakelite Masterpiece”
Jenn Harris, “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof”
Linda Gehringer, “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof”
Lindsay Nicole Chambers, “Little Shop of Horrors”

Ethan Heard, “Little Shop of Horrors”
Gregg Edelman, “Constellations”
Kristen van Ginhoven, “The Bakelite Masterpiece”=

–In the area of musical direction..also noteworthy, Rick Bertone, “Little Shop of Horrors”

–Among choreographers, honorable mentions—Parker Esse, “Little Shop of Horrors”

The Berkshire Eagle’s Critic’s Choice: Best concerts of the year

“The most intriguing show of the year was at the Colonial Theatre, where the amazing Havana Cuba All-Stars made their U.S. debut in October. The All-Stars were both entertaining and educational, as they presented a smooth blend of percussion, brass and superb harmonies to an enthusiastic audience.

Credit also goes to ex-Kiss guitarist Ace Frehley, who performed a thunderous solo show; local faves Bella’s  Bartok and Tor Krauter’s stunning recreation of “The Last Waltz” concert by the Band featuring local performers.”

Broadway World’s “Top-Ten Plays and Musicals of 2016”

“Constellations – Berkshire Theatre Group: Kate Baldwin and Graham Rowat came to life over-and-over again inside Nick Paynes’s multiverse romantic drama.”

Awards and Accolades 2015

The Berkshire Eagle’s  Best of 2015:

The Homecoming, “Berkshire Theatre Group’s production of Harold Pinter’s “The Homecoming,” 2015’s best production, according to the Berkshire Eagle critic Jeffrey Borak.”
Bells Are Ringing, “With Kate Baldwin in the lead and her real-life husband Graham Rowatt turning a thankless role into someone with charm and dimension, director Ethan Heard tuned into the breezy charm and whimsy in this tuneful, slyly witty 1956 musical from Jule Styne, Betty Comden and Adolph Green”

The Berkshire Eagle’s Critics Pick of 2015:

Eric Hill, The Homecoming

David Adkins, Thoreau, or Return to Walden
Joey Collins, The Homecoming
Graham Rowat, Bells Are Ringing
Rocco Sisto, The Homecoming

Kate Baldwin, Bells Are Ringing
Tara Franklin, The Homecoming
Ariana Venturi, I Saw My Neighbor on the Train and I Didn’t Even Smile

Parker Esse, Bells Are Ringing (Choreography)
Joel Fram, Bells Are Ringing (Musical Direction)
Reid Thompson, The Homecoming (Set Designer)
Solomon Weisbard, The Homecoming (Lighting Designer)

From The Berkshire Eagle, “The arts in 2015: A robust year for pop music in the Berkshires”

“The Colonial Theatre gave a gamut of strong pop performers, including a thunderous evening with Thorogood on a wintry February night. Lonesome George also provided one of the more unique moments of the past year by inviting your correspondent to the foot of the stage and confiscating his notebook. When I asked Thorogood how he expected me to remember his set for the review, he said, “Remember it? I’ll make sure you never forget it!”

And he did.

Folkies got their fill at the Colonial as the timeless New Christy Minstrels and the Kingston Trio brought their sweet harmonies to Pittsfield. And in December, The Weight, featuring former members of The Band, brought their folk-rock-blues menu to the Colonial and showed their audience what greatness was.”

The Pittsfield Gazette’s The Best Theatre of 2015

Bells are Ringing

The Westfield News Best of 2015

Best Direction of a Play:
Eric Hill for The Homecoming
Favorite Performance:
Tara Franklin as Ruth in The Homecoming

Awards and Accolades 2014

“The Year’s Best: Playbill Contributors Choose Unforgettable Theatre Experiences of 2014”

“My favorite production this year was A Little Night Music at the Berkshire Theatre Group. Boasting a starry cast including Gregg Edelman as Frederik Egerman, Phillipa Soo as Anne, the luminous husband-wife combo Kate Baldwin and Graham Rowat were pitch-perfect as the Count and Countess, this was the best production of the show I have ever seen, gorgeously directed by Ethan Heard. His handling of the final scene of Madame Armfeldt, played by Tony winner Penny Fuller, was hands down the best I have ever seen it staged.Remember his name, I think you will hear a lot about him in the future.” – Playbill Staff

The Berkshire Eagle’s 2014 “Year-End Review: Critic cites most accomplished individual stage work”

  • David Adkins, actor, Benefactors
  • Walter Wilson, actor, Benefactors
  • Kate Baldwin, actress, A Little Night Music
  • Penny Fuller, actress, A Little Night Music
  • Monique Barbee, actress, A Little Night Music
  • Emma Foley, actress, A Little Night Music
  • Corinna May, actress, Benefactors
  • Barbara Sims, actress, Benefactors
  • Ethan Heard, director, A Little Night Music
  • Eric Hill, director, Benefactors

BTG was named “Best Live Theatre” for Best of the Berkshires 2014

Awards and Accolades 2013

BTG was named “Best Live Theatre” for Best of the Berkshires 2013 and the 2013 “Berkshire Theater of the Year” by the Pittsfield Gazette. The Colonial Theatrewas picked as the “#1 Best Performance Space in the Berkshires” by Jiminy Peak magazine and one of the top ten winter destinations by Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism.

Oklahoma! (directed by Eric Hill) was named one of the top five for Best Theatre 2013 by Metroland newspaper. Extremities (directed by Karen Allen)was named one of the top five in Best Theatre 2013 by The Berkshire Eagle newspaper. Anna Christie (directed by David Auburn)was selected for “Best Performance” for Rebecca Brooksher’s role as Anna Christopherson and Mary and Edith was hailed as a “Best Surprise” by The Westfield News newspaper.

BTG also received the “2013 American Graphic Design Award” for their 2013 Summer Season Poster from Graphic Design USA, an international graphic design organization.

BTG was selected from over 8,000 entries from across the nation, representing the highly selective 15 percent of excellence in design.

Awards and Accolades 2012

The Berkshire Eagle’s 2012 Outstanding Stage Artists:

Eric Hill, director of A Chorus Line
Gerry McIntyre, choreographer of A Chorus Line
Steven Freeman, music director of A Chorus Line
Michael Chybowski, lighting designer of A Chorus Line

A Chorus Line & Bettye LaVette Named Best Theatrical and Musical Events of 2012 by The Berkshire Eagle

Berkshire Theatre Group Named 2012 “Berkshire Theatre of the Year” by thePittsfield Gazette

Berkshire Theatre Group’s 2012 Production of Edith is Nominated for the American Theatre Critics Association’s Annual ATCA/Steinberg New Play Award

Best Historical Attraction, The Colonial Theatre, Berkshire Eagle Reader’s Choice, 2012

Best of the Berkshires

NETC Regional Award for Excellence in Theatre, 2012

Berkshire Theatre Group’s Colonial Theatre is a recipient of the New England Theatre Conference’s 2012 NETC Regional Award for Excellence in Theatre. The NETC recognizes organizations that share in its common causes, which are to develop, expand and assist theatre activity in New England on the educational, community and professional levels, to study and preserve the theatre in its many aspects, to develop the highest possible standards, to foster, support and promote the educational aspects of theatre, and to encourage interchange and mutual aid, with close cooperation between our region and other state, regional and national theatre organizations, and with organizations in the other fine and applied arts. This is one of the first regional awards to a Berkshire County theatre in 30 years, since 1982. Berkshire Theatre Festival was a recipient of a regional award in the late ‘70s.

Awards and Accolades Previous to 2012

Society of American Travel Writers Phoenix Award Recipient, 2008

The Phoenix Award was created to give appropriate recognition for individuals or organizations actively involved in conservation, preservation, beautification and anti-pollution campaigns which further the growth and appeal of North American travel destinations.

Preservation Massachusetts Paul E. Tsongas Award Recipient, 2008

Recognizes exceptional efforts in promoting historical preservation across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

“The Tsongas Award honors those who are helping us take preservation into the 21st century and beyond. We recognize these individuals and organizations for their leadership and excellence in preservation, but also for their vision and their often unwavering dedication in the face of much uncertainty. The Colonial Theatre, along with the other four Tsongas Awarded projects, embodies the spirit behind the Tsongas Award. The impact the Colonial has made upon Pittsfield is evident and serves as an excellent example for how historic preservation can inspire revitalization at the community level.”

–Jim Igoe, President of Preservation Massachusetts

Best Live Theater, Berkshire Eagle Reader’s Choice, 2007, 2008, 2009

Best of the Berkshires

7 Wonders of the Berkshires, Berkshire Eagle Contest, 2007

“In an area filled with wondrous attractions, Pittsfield’s handsomely restored, 104-year-old Colonial Theatre and Williamstown’s 51-year-old Clark Art Institute are the most wondrous. The two cultural institutions placed first and second, respectively.”

Best Venue (Showroom), Metroland

2008 Best of the Capital Region

“Just walking in to this impeccably restored and gilded-up-the-wazoo little theater is an event in itself. In a region blessed with a bunch of nicely restored theaters, nothing else really comes close to the Colonial in terms of a visceral jolt.”

Best Theater Restoration, Metroland

2007 Best of the Capital Region

“Go to see anything here, but leave ample time to have your breath quietly stolen as the meticulously restored theater transports you back to the 19th century in all of its architectural splendor, gilt elegance and artisans’ pride. From the original seating in the balcony to the sweeping embrace of the mezzanine and box seats to the exceptionally plush seating in the orchestra and the magnificent acoustics, sightlines, and proscenium, the labor of love begun by Robert Boland evokes tears of joy.”

NETC Regional Award for Excellence in Theatre awarded to Berkshire Theatre Festival, 1978.

The Fitzpatrick Main Stage was added to the
National Register of Historic Places in 1976.

Berkshire Theatre Festival is a member of the National Trust.

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