The theatre is a place to reflect on what it means to be human.
We look forward to opening our theatres outside this summer with Godspell under the tent at the Colonial
and concert series in Stockbridge and Pittsfield.
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Staff Directory

Colonial and Stockbridge Ticket Office:

Phone: (413) 997-4444 •

Dave Alden Assistant to the Director of Facilities 413-997-4444 Email
Allison Rachele Bayles Administrative Director of Education 413-448-8084 x19 Email
Rebecca A. Brighenti Director of Marketing/PR 413-448-8084 x11 Email
Pam Campbell (Volunteer) Volunteer Coordinator, Colonial 413-448-8084 x31
Corey Cavenaugh General Manager 413-448-8084 x12 Email
Travis Daly Associate Artist, Education 413-448-8084 x23 Email
Kaique De Souza Audio & Projections Supervisor 413-448-8084 x57 Email
Peter Durgin Director of Productions 413-448-8084 x17 Email
Kathy Jo Grover Front of House Manager, Education Associate 413-448-8084 x29 Email
Jay Foster-Grover House Electrician 413-448-8084 x25 Email
Allison Hannon Assistant Director of Productions 413-448-8084 x52 Email
Alex James Company Manager 413-448-8084 x20 Email
Mike Koczela Director of Facilities 413-448-8084 x33 Email
Kim Krautter Director of Donor Services & Hospitality 413-448-8084 x44 Email
Tor Krautter Programmer, Rentals Manager 413-448-8084 x24 Email
Lillian Lee Director of Grants and Campaigns, Accessibility Coordinator 413-448-8084 x26 Email
Kate Maguire Artistic Director, CEO 413-448-8084 x18
John McCarthy Graphic Designer 413-448-8084 x27 Email
Brian Marshall Director of Donor Relations and Assistant to the Artistic Director, CEO 413-448-8084 x18 Email
Nick Paleologos Executive Director 413-448-8084 x40 Email
Wendy Preston Accounting Associate 413-448-8084 x22 Email
Jordan Raymond Ticket Office Manager 413-448-8084 x21 Email
Savannah Relos Technical Director 413-448-8084 x10 Email
Jacey Rae Russell Marketing Assistant 413-448-8084 x38 Email
Caroline Stamm Education Stage Manager 413-448-8084 x80 Email
Kim Stevens Finance Manager 413-448-8084 x13 Email
Fabienne Theriault Manager of Volunteer Services 413-448-8084 x31 Email
Amanda M. Warriner Production Coordinator, Props Master 413-448-8084 x54 Email
Katie B. Watts Press Manager 413-448-8084 x15 Email
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