Staff Directory

Colonial and Stockbridge Ticket Office:

Phone: (413) 997-4444 •

Allison Rachele Bayles Administrative Director of Education 413-448-8084 x19 Email
Ellen Beck Director of Engagement 413-448-8084 x102 Email
Rebecca A. Brighenti Director of Marketing/PR 413-448-8084 x11 Email
Pam Campbell (Volunteer) Volunteer Medical Coordinator 413-448-8084 x31
Corey Cavenaugh General Manager 413-448-8084 x12 Email
Tricia DeHart Donor Relations Associate 413-448-8084 x50 Email
Peter Durgin Director of Productions 413-448-8084 x17 Email
AJ Gardner Assistant Director of Productions, Production Coordinator 413-448-8084 x52 Email
Kathy Jo Grover Artistic Associate, Education 413-448-8084 x29 Email
Mike Koczela Director of Facilities 413-448-8084 x33 Email
Kim Krautter Director of Patron Services & Hospitality 413-448-8084 x44 Email
Tor Krautter Programmer, Rentals Manager 413-448-8084 x24 Email
Adam Lewis Audio & Projections Supervisor 413-448-8084 x57 Email
Daniel Loughran House Electrician 413-448-8084 x25 Email
Kate Maguire Artistic Director, CEO 413-448-8084 x18
Brian Marshall Director of Donor Relations and Assistant to the Artistic Director, CEO 413-448-8084 x18 Email
John McCarthy Graphic Designer 413-448-8084 x27 Email
Amy Moorby Communications Manager 413-448-8084 x15 Email
Nick Paleologos Executive Director 413-448-8084 x12 Email
Randall Parsons Resident Scenic Designer, Scenic Supervisor 413-448-8084 x54 Email
Wendy Preston Finance Manager 413-448-8084 x22 Email
Jacey Rae Russell Marketing Associate, Accessibility Coordinator 413-448-8084 x38 Email
Caroline Stamm Non-Equity Stage Manager 413-448-8084 x80 Email
Scout Swonger Ticketing & Annual Appeals Manager 413-997-4444 Email
Fabienne Theriault Manager of Volunteer Services 413-448-8084 x31 Email
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