4,000 Miles

The Unicorn Theatre
6 East Street · Stockbridge · MA 01262
4,000 Miles

Amy Herzog’s acclaimed play, 4000 Miles, offers a compelling exploration of human connections, grief and the unanticipated paths to solace. Set against the backdrop of New York City’s West Village, this production unveils the profound story of 21-year-old Leo and his spirited 91-year-old grandmother, Vera Joseph.

Amidst Leo’s turmoil following a devastating loss during his cross-country bike expedition, he seeks refuge in Vera’s bustling apartment, inadvertently transforming their lives. A tale of unexpected roommates embarking on a month-long emotional rollercoaster, 4000 Miles delves deep into their complexities, from Leo’s struggles with love and loss to Vera’s rekindled sense of companionship after years of solitude. Herzog’s poignant narrative, a Pulitzer Prize finalist in 2013, resonates with audiences through its compassionate portrayal of chosen and unchosen families, spotlighting the profound healing power found within trust and genuine connection.

Witness the captivating journey of two outsiders navigating life’s uncertainties and forging an unlikely bond that transcends generations.

Maria Tucci, an acclaimed actress known for her work on stage, film and television, will portray Vera Joseph. Maria has appeared in numerous productions on and off-Broadway, earning critical acclaim for her performances, notably she was nominated for a Tony for Best Featured Actress in a Play for The Rose Tattoo. The play will be directed by Lizzie Gottlieb, who is known for her work in both theater and film. She has directed a variety of productions, showcasing her talent for storytelling and creating compelling narratives on stage and is best known for her documentaries Turn Every Page, Today’s Man, and Romeo Romeo.

Recommended for ages 14 and up.


written by Amy Herzog
directed by Lizzie Gottlieb
with Maria Tucci as Vera

scenic design by Jason Simms
costume design by Laurie Churba
lighting design by Patricia M. Nichols
composer, sound design by Clare Manchon
composer, sound design by Olivier Manchon

stage manager Mickey Acton
casting by Kelly Gillespie and Caparelliotis Casting
assistant to the director Edie Wolfe Lipsey

Previews: Thursday, May 16 at 7pm and Friday, May 17 at 7pm
Opening/Press Night: Saturday, May 18 at 7pm
Closing: Saturday, June 1 at 7pm

Tickets: Preview: $50
Tickets: $61

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