Start Making Sense: A Talking Heads Tribute

at The Colonial Theatre
Saturday, November 17 at 8pm
Tickets: $25

The musicians in this 7-piece Talking Heads Tribute take pride in faithfully recreating the music of the Talking Heads entire career. They bring the Talking Heads live show, with front man Jon Braun as a spot-on David Byrne, to audiences for expect a rockin', funkin', danceable celebration of the new-wave art punk from the 80s!

The band consists of: Jon Braun (Lead Vocals and Guitar), Jon Fadem (Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals), Ryan Berg (Percussion and Backing Vocals), Brad Murray (Keyboards), Michael Davidson (Bass), Jesse Braun (Drums), Jenny Founds (Backing Vocals) and Kathleen Weber (Backing Vocals).