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No Boundaries in Art: So This Is My Family: Mr. Green Part 2

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No Boundaries in Art: So This Is My Family: Mr. Green Part 2

by Jeff Baron
directed by Jeff Baron

Friday, July 12 at 2pm
at the Unicorn Theatre
The Larry Vaber Stage

Tickets: $10 suggested donation

In Jeff Baron’s beloved and award-winning play, Visiting Mr. Green, a chance encounter brought two unlikely lives together. Three years later, the relationship between the two, 90-year-old Mr. Green, and young executive, Ross, is going strong. In this touching continuation, two additional characters bring thorny conflict to this heartwarming and funny story.

There will be a talkback with playwright and director, Jeff Baron, immediately following the reading.

Jeff Baron’s first play, Visiting Mr. Green, premiered at Berkshire Theatre Group in 1996 and is one of the most-produced plays in the world with over 500 productions in 49 countries. His more recent plays have premiered in Europe, South America and Australia. His inside-showbiz comic novels, I Represent Sean Rosen and Sean Rosen Is Not for Sale are published by HarperCollins. For television, he has written for The Tracey Ullman Show, Sisters and Nickelodeon.

This event was curated by Gwenn Evitts.

No Boundaries in Art is sponsored by
WealthE from Berkshire Money Management



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