Max Creek

The Colonial Theatre
111 South Street · Pittsfield · MA 01201
Max Creek

Garage Entertainment: Misty Blues Duo
at 6:30pm • No Cover Charge

A night celebrating Max Creek’s 48th anniversary!

When John Rider formed Max Creek in 1971, he envisioned a community that embraced the people who couldn’t quite fit themselves into the little boxes, then available. As he puts it, he sought “a vehicle for dreams of musicians, artists, poets or anyone else with a vision.” One has to imagine that what he didn’t envision was a series of anniversary concerts 48 years later.

Here’s to the dreamers of dreams—it’s good to be Freeky.

More about Max Creek:

Max Creek has reached its fourth decade of playing music, and you’d be hard pressed to find a music fan in the Northeast that hasn’t heard of them. Creek’s style lacks pretense; there is no genre title that can define them. From the beginning, they mixed rock, country, reggae, soul, jazz and calypso in with their own great songwriting, and it’s all comes out sounding like Creek.

The band is joyous, and their stage is full of smiles and laughter, both during and between songs. All one has to do is glance into the crowd to see the feeling is contagious. Creek is also engaging, sculpting lengthy shows on-the-fly from their 200+ song catalog with rockers, ballads, deep jams and crowd sing-alongs. Furthermore, Creek is, most definitely, a family. 40-odd years in, the audience is a multi-generational stew—it’s not uncommon to witness old-school “Creek Freeks” getting down with their teenage (or older!) kids.

Creek itself is multigenerational. The “front line” of guitarist Scott Murawski, keyboardist Mark Mercier and bassist John Rider has remained intact since the mid-’70s, and the current drums and percussion team of Bill Carbone and Jamemurrell Stanley weren’t even born when Max Creek was founded.

Run Time: 3 hours including intermissions

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