Black Opry

The Colonial Theatre
111 South Street · Pittsfield · MA 01201
Black Opry

Black Opry is a home for Black artists and Black fans of country, blues, folk and Americana music. Country music has been made by and loved by Black people since its conception. For just as long, Black artists have been overlooked and disregarded in the genre by fans and executives. Black Opry wants to change that and invites audiences to discover, support and enjoy the Black artists that make magic in this space. One of the most valuable aspects of country music is its versatility and diversity in sound. Country, blues, folk and Americana music often overlap or weave together; these artists explore all of those sounds and intersections. The Black Opry Revue showcases the diversity in sound and stories that Black artists offer to these genres.

The lineup includes Chris Walton, Jeiris Cook, Roberta Lea and Aisha Burns.

“Black Opry has grown beyond its blog origins to be a force of change and a leader in the movement to bring racial equity to country music”

Rolling Stone

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