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DannyDollarBTG PLAYS! Touring Performances Offered Throughout the School Year

Beginning in October and running through the school year, BTG’s Artists-in-Residence perform an original play at dozens of venues throughout the region. These well-crafted productions are appropriate for elementary and middle school and are designed to introduce students to the excitement of live theatre. A question and answer session with the actors follows each performance.

Tours have been an integral component of BTG PLAYS! since 1997. Touring all throughout Berkshire County and surrounding environs, BTG Touring production reaches thousands of students on an annual basis.

2016-2017 School Year
BTG PLAYS! on Tour presents
A Play Adapted from the book by Ty Allan Jackson
By E. Gray Simons III
Directed by Travis G Daly

About Danny Dollar:

Danny Dollar, just your average Eastchester neighborhood kid! Good student Monday through Friday, basketball in the park with friends on Saturday, church with the family on Sunday, and puts up with his annoying older sister seven days a week. Just your ordinary kid, who also happens to have more odd jobs than you can count on two hands, who faithfully makes a trip to the bank every week to deposit his earnings into a savings account, and who’s knowledge of high finance and entrepreneurial skill would likely earn him a job at any reputable, big-time investment firm. Yep, just your typical, every-day kid who aspires to be a millionaire by the time he’s twenty-one years old! Only his grand ideas don’t always go as planned, especially when Pablo and his gang are prowling the block. From his lemonade stand, to town hall, to a big company board room, it’s all part of the average, ordinary, typical, every-day life of Danny Dollar, Millionaire Extraordinaire!


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It was really amazing and spectacular.
– 6th grader at Cheshire Elementary School

For more information on how to book a tour at your school, contact:

Allison Rachele Bayles
Administrative Director of Education

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