After School Programming


BTG PLAYS! After School, allows students with a variety of learning styles to discover the fundamentals of theatre production, acting, and storytelling while exploring a classic myth or fairy tale. The programs are intended to be a hands-on kinesthetic learning experience that celebrates each young person and the uniqueness of his/her artistic voice. The programming is led by trained actors who get the students up on their feet acting out scenes, playing a variety of theatre games and working on voice and movement. Ultimately students learn to trust their own imaginations while learning respect for their fellow peers and how to work in the context of a group. Additionally, some vacation classes and after school classes offer a backstage component. Students are introduced to the basic elements of design of props, costumes and set.


BTG PLAYS! After School programming is offered on-site at school locations. Many of our current programs include working with students at-risk. Programs can be one to three days a week during the school year. Programs are tailored to meet a school’s needs.