After School Programming


BTG PLAYS! After School, allows students with a variety of learning styles to discover the fundamentals of theatre production, acting, and storytelling while exploring a classic myth or fairy tale. The programs are intended to be a hands-on kinesthetic learning experience that celebrates each young person and the uniqueness of his/her artistic voice. The programming is led by trained actors who get the students up on their feet acting out scenes, playing a variety of theatre games and working on voice and movement. Ultimately students learn to trust their own imaginations while learning respect for their fellow peers and how to work in the context of a group. Additionally, some vacation classes and after school classes offer a backstage component. Students are introduced to the basic elements of design of props, costumes and set.


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Touring Performances

BTG PLAYS! Touring Performances Offered Throughout the School Year

BTG PLAYS! 2017-2018 Touring Show

Billy BuddBilly Budd in the Breadbox

Based on the book Billy Budd in the Bread Box, The Story of Herman Melville and Eleanor by Jana Laiz

Adapted and directed by Travis G. Daly

Beginning in October and running through the school year, this production is appropriate for elementary and middle school and is designed to introduce students to the excitement of live theatre. A question and answer session with the actors follows each performance.

Touring to schools and venues all throughout Berkshire County and surrounding environs with a local company of artists, BTG's touring production reaches thousands of students on an annual basis.

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School Residency Program

Education BTGPlaysSchools Residency

BTG PLAYS! School Residency Program—In-School Programming


Through a 14-week creative and collaborative process, students will develop and write their own original one act plays. BTG PLAYS! is designed to enable students with a variety of learning styles to grasp the fundamentals of playwriting by using improvisation as the primary teaching tool to communicate concepts of theatre, literature, writing, and playwriting contained in our student study guide, which is distributed to each student. The study guide includes vocabulary, guided imagery exercises, dialogue examples, and exercises that provide opportunity for students to develop short pieces of writing that become the raw material for each student to use in the creation of a one act play. Classes are led by trained actors and playwrights who encourage students to develop conflict exercises, act out original scenes, and transform their classrooms into creative laboratories for theatre. The program is intended to be a hands-on kinesthetic learning experience that celebrates each young person and the uniqueness of his/her artistic voice. The final weeks of BTG PLAYS! are filled with the excitement generated by the rehearsal and production of staged readings of selected student written plays at each school for parents and peers. All students become actors in the productions. The BTG PLAYS! School Residency Program adheres to the Massachusetts English Language Arts guiding principles.

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