Berkshire Opera Festival (BOF) is looking to cast a local actor for a speaking (non-singing) role in this season’s production of Ariadne auf Naxos by Richard Strauss. The role is that of the Majordomo. In a traditional production he is the head servant in the elegant home of a wealthy man who has assembled a variety of entertainments for a big party he is hosting. In the BOF production, the party is being held in a theater, and the Majordomo character is a theater producer.  As such, the actor can be either male or female, and the age range is pretty open—from wunderkind to old guard.  The actor will be speaking English, while all around him are singing in German (which in context, works very well for humor).  

The performances are August 26th, 29th and September 1st (Colonial Theatre).  It is a non-union job, but there is pay. This gig requires the actor have their own housing and transportation for rehearsals in Stockbridge and performances in Pittsfield. The rehearsals are during the month of August, and the rehearsal schedule for the Majordomo could be fairly flexible, as he/she is only on in a few scenes in the Prologue (Act I). All inquires can be directed to General Director and Stage Director, Jonathon Loy, or by phone 413.213.6571