THE BERKSHIRE THEATRE GROUP at The Colonial Theatre in Pittsfield MA will be holding Equity Auditions for their 86th Anniversary Season. Listings of shows and information can be found below.  

Artistic Director: Kate Maguire 

AEA “Independent Producer of LORT.”                                                                                


Wednesday, March 19th

Type:              Required Equity Principal Auditions

Location:        The Colonial Theatre, 111 South Street, Pittsfield, MA.

Time:              10:00am – 6:00pm;

Contact:         Call Corey Cavenaugh at 413-448-8084 ext. 102 to schedule an appointment. 

Please prepare a monologue approximately (2) minutes in length. 

For directions to the theatre, please visit:

Equity male and female actors for Berkshire Theatre Festival’s following productions:

Fitzpatrick Stage: 

IRMA VEP: R-6/2, O-6/28 C-7/19 CAST 

CEDARS: R-6/30, O-7/26, C-8/9 CAST 

A HATFUL OF RAIN by Michael V. Gazzo, directed by Gregory Naughton. R-7/21, O-8/16, C-8/30 

POLO POPE: Italian-American, 28 to 38. Emotionally still a child. The black-sheep brother to Johnny’s “golden child”.   Masculine but submissive, sweet but tough.  

JOHNNY POPE: Italian-American, 28 to 40.  Handsome.  The 1st and “golden” child.   Naturally stoic (which helps mask his heroin addiction from his loved ones) but his war experience in Korea has left him deeply wounded (on the inside).  

CELIA:  28 to 38.  Emotional center of the play.  A nice girl from the suburbs who is trapped in this grim urban working-class environment. Has discovered that she is stronger than even she knew. Nonetheless, after the last 5 years of Johnny’s absence, she is at the breaking point. 

JOHNNY POPE SR (FATHER): Italian-American, 55 to 75. Johnny and Polo’s estranged father. A stern and physically imposing man (or once was). Selfish with a hot temper and strong bias for his first son (Johnny) — though he was abusive and neglecting of both. 

MOTHER: Male 40-55. Drug-pusher and addict. His intensity and ruthlessness may be misconstrued as sadism, but Mother is more accurately a stone-cold business man. Can be charming, but must be scary. 

Unicorn Stage: 

BENEFACTORS: R-6/16, O-7/12, C-7/26 CAST 


POE: R-9/11, O-10/2, C-10/25 CAST