A-Hatful of-Rain PosterWebby Michael V. Gazzo
directed by Greg Naughton

at The Fitzpatrick Main Stage, Stockbridge
Previews August 13-August 15
Press Night/Opening Night August 16
Talkback: August 18
Closing: August 30
Tickets: Preview: $42; 
A: $62 B: $52 C: $42
20% off for Veterans!


Performance Dates:
Wednesday, August 13 at 7pm (Preview)
Thursday, August 14 at 8pm (Preview)
Friday, August 15 at 8pm (Preview)
Saturday, August 16 at 2pm & 8pm (Opening Night)
Monday, August 18 at 8pm (Talk Back)
Tuesday, August 19 at 8pm
Wednesday, August 20 at 7pm (Talk Back)
Thursday, August 21 at 8pm
Friday, August 22 at 8pm
Saturday, August 23 at 2pm and 8pm
Monday, August 25 at 8pm
Tuesday, August 26 at 8pm
Wednesday, August 27 at 7pm
Thursday, August 28 at 8pm
Friday, August 29 at 8pm
Saturday, August 30 at 2pm & 8pm (Closing)

The war fought abroad is just as devastating as the war fought within. This rings devastatingly true for Johnny Pope, a Korean War Veteran who has safely returned home to New York City and now struggles with drug addiction after being heavily medicated during his hospital stay. Greg Naughton, founded and served as Artistic Director of Off-Broadway’s Blue Light Theater Company in NYC for six award-winning seasons. He is also James Naughton’s son and is making his BTG directorial debut with A Hatful of Rain. He performed at The Colonial Theatre last year with his band, The Sweet Remains.

A Hatful of Rain is best known these days as a scene-study staple for acting students,” Greg Naughton said. “There have been very few significant productions since its premiere in 1955.  But for 20 years, it has been occupying a large space in my imagination. A couple years ago I finally got a little workshop time with it, which only fueled my conviction that it is a “lost classic. And then— this play about a PTSD case (before the term was coined) who returns home addicted to heroin became (unfortunately) very timely again.”

A Hatful of Rain was developed in 1953 and '54 from improvisations at the Actor's Studio conducted by actors Ben Gazzara, Eva Marie Saint and Tony Franciosa. (Shelley Winters ultimately took over Eva Marie's role for the '55 Broadway production as the latter had moved to Hollywood by then— and Eva Marie returned to do the role for the film version in 1957).

In A Hatful of Rain, Johnny’s battle strangles his daily life and slowly deteriorates the relationship between him and his family as he attempts to hide and support his habit. His brother, Polo tries to help but there’s only so much he can do. His pregnant wife, Celia is convinced he’s having an affair and tries to hold their faltering marriage together while their father’s visit only adds to the tumultuous downturn of Johnny’s life. Gazzo’s raw, insightful and carefully crafted storytelling depict the demise of an embattled soul and raises social consciousness on issues regarding addiction and the cost of war for our veterans.

Creative Team
Set Designer- Hugh Landwher
Costume Designer- David Murin
Lighting Designer- Ann G. Wrightson
Sound Designer- Steve Brush